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Truck/Bus- C6000

Supplier: Autowash

The C6000 allows a faster and more effective wash technique to be used on large fleet operations.

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The C6000 allows a faster and more effective wash technique to be used on large fleet operations. The greatest challenge is executing an all-inclusive wash on the front, sides, roof and rear of the vehicle while operating in a cost and time efficient manner.

The C6000 has a brush control system for the vertical and horizontal brushing, thus ensuring that the vehicles contours are followed precisely and carefully.

The cross over and ‘shimmy’ action of the vertical brushes ensure that the front and rear of all vehicles receive thorough coverage. Vehicles with forward protruding rear view mirrors can be efficiently washed without the annoyance of removing mirrors or risk of damage.

Twin portal drive motors ensure a smooth and parallel movement of the machine along the track rails. The automatic movement of the machine is controlled by mercury limit switches which are completely impervious to the ingress of water and are not subject to any mechanical wear.

Spray arches supply water and mixed cleaning solution automatically via a dosing system to accurately measure and deliver detergent at the most efficient, yet most economical rate to the brushes and directly to the vehicle surface in the case of foam application.

The working pressure of each brush can be preset to various values to suit each vehicle program and configuration.

Technical Data

  • Machine Height – 5200mm
  • Machine Width – 4800mm
  • Machine Depth – 4100mm
  • Machine Weight – 3800kg
  • Passage Height – 4300mm
  • Passage Width – 3600mm
  • Wash Height – 4200mm
  • Wash Width – 2900mm
  • Lane Width – 4000mm
  • Hall Height – 5250mm
  • Hall Width – 6000mm
  • Hall Length – Max Vehicle Length + 8000mm

Bus Only Configuration

The C6000 can be specifically configured to be washed end to end. In this configuration the C6000 can wash an 18m bus in 2.5 minutes.

Control and service - completely electronic

C 6000 washing cycles are electronically controlled by the SPC (Stored Programmable Control) system and will automatically adjust gentle brush pressure and direction of brush rotation during each wash cycle.

The SPC can be programmed to efficiently avoid roof spoilers, trailer hitches, extended mirrors and air conditioning units as required by the fleet configuration.

Standard wash programs include: Trucks with and without trailers; Truck trailers; Enclosed Vans; Mini Buses. Additional wash programs to suit your requirements include: Side Mirror program; Roof Spoiler program; Rear Door or Loading Platform program; Centre Brush Crossover program


By any standard, AutoWash’s vehicle wash systems are the most reliable in the world. AutoWash’s key differentiating factor from other carwash equipment suppliers is that it carries out development, manufacture and assembly of its own products completely in house. Therefore all parts are specifically designed and engineered for the car washing industry.


The mobile portals are hot dip galvanised using high grade carbon steel and lined with deep drawn PVC panels and doors to provide a rugged, yet attractive appearance.

Value Added Components

High-pressure wash options can be configured to suit your needs. Options include pre-wash pressure systems wheel and under-chassis washes.

The under-chassis washing system comprises a bank of special purpose, preset high-pressure spray nozzles mounted under a grated cover in the floor for cleaning the complete under chassis surface of the vehicle.

The under-chassis spray equipment is mounted inside a pit which drains wash liquid to the centre drainage pit for delivery to pre-treatment and recycling if required.

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