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Truck/Bus- Magnum

Supplier: Autowash

The Magnum gantry system generally requires a wash bay length of minimum 34 metres.

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Characteristics of System

The Magnum gantry system generally requires a wash bay length of minimum 34 metres. The vehicle remains stationary whilst the gantry travels the length of the vehicle.

The machine is capable of delivering a full b-double wash program in approximately 12 minutes. The program cycles are as follows:

  • Detergent pass – applies either a light acidic or light alkaline based detergent (dependent on washing application)
  • High pressure, high volume Jet stream pass, concentrating on the prime mover and wheel areas.
  • Brush pass – which generally commences on the trailer (we advice that brushes should be kept out of contact of most prime movers)
  • Rinse pass – fresh water rinse pass to ensure spot free dry

System Comprises

  1. Motorised Wash Portal
  2. Travel Rails
  3. Dual Speed Track Drive
  4. Energy Chain
  5. External Portal Cladding
  6. Dosing Pump
  7. Splash Protection Screens
  8. Rinse system fitted to Portal
  9. Jet stream high pressure, high volume zero degree nozzle system including supply pump
  10. Remote Push button Activation (Auto/Manual)
  11. Traffic Lights
  12. Wheel Guides
  13. Pre-Wash Foam Arch
  14. Under-Chassis Wash (optional)
  15. High Pressure Prime Mover Wash
  16. One Roof Brush
  17. Two Side Brushes
  18. Low Pressure Rinse
  19. Stored Programmable Computer Control


  1. Power Supply for the CHRIST equipment
  2. Water Supply for the CHRIST equipment
  3. Sewer Extensions
  4. Additional Water Storage Tanks

Standard Dimensions and Service Requirements

  • Maximum Washing Height – 4700 mm
  • Maximum Washing Width – 2900 mm
  • Maximum Plant Height – 5700 mm
  • Maximum Plant Width – 3900 mm
  • Preferred Minimum Ceiling Height – 6000 mm
  • Minimum Building Width – 5800 mm including safety clearance (per bay)
  • Vehicle Throughput – Up to 5 vehicles per hour depending upon programs selected
  • Fresh Water Requirement – 4 to 6 bar, 1” BSP connection @ 100 litres / minute
  • Power Requirement – 3 x 400 volt, 50 Hz, PE, 50.0 kW

Prime Mover Wash

Zero degree high pressure, high volume nozzles provides an effective prime mover wash and also effectively wash the sill area and tyres. The nozzles move multidirectional motion (laterally and up and down) which can be programmed to ensure difficult areas of the truck are cleaned.

The wash cylinders are electronically controlled (MPC) so that the applied brush pressure is regulated for a contour-following, gentle and effective wash.

Washing B-Doubles is no issues. A safety function prevents the wash cylinders from contacting the drawbar and coupler.

Frequency controlled geared motor drives guarantee jolt-free and therefore low-wear unit operation. Minimum wash times can be achieved with speeds variable from 6 – 18 m/min.

Electronic Control

Each programmed washing sequence is electronically controlled by the Stored Programmable Control to suit the program or variety of programs selected including application and dosage rate of cleaning solutions. Actual water and brush pressure during wash programs is separately controlled for each wash station.

All operating conditions are electronically monitored and adjusted by the SPC during each wash cycle. All wash cycles are selected at the “user friendly” control panel.

The truck driver simply parks the vehicle in the wash bay and selects the appropriate wash program for his/her vehicle (e.g. b-double, tanker etc). The Magnum can also be configured to produce a ‘speedy’ drive through program. The control panel has been designed for easy use.

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