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Truck Scales | Wheel Load Scales PT300 Series

Supplier: Hills Scale Services

Truck Scales, Wheel Load Scalesthe PT300 Series of scales are designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment.

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Truck Scales | Wheel Load Scales PT300 Series

Self contained high-capacity digital wheel load scales from Intercomp.

Weighing a mere 37 lb/16.8 kg, the PT300 is a sturdy, all aluminium, fully electronic, self-contained wheel load scale that is capable of weighing loads up to 20000 lbs with an accuracy of ±1%. The PT300DW weighs only 49 lb/22kg and is capable of weighing loads up to 40000lb/18000 kg.

The scales are fully battery operated and only require infrequent recharging that can be accomplished by any 12,110or 220 volt power source. A charger adaptor is provided.

The display area can be lighted for night use by merely touching the "LAMP" switch. It is possible to sequentially couple any number of PT300 scales in series, for the purpose of obtaining the total weight of a vehicle. By activating the "TOTAL" switch, the total weight of all the preceding scales will be displayed. The scales are linked at the I/O terminal jack with an optional cable.

The I/O terminal will also transmit required data to a printer or a display, such as Intercomp's S400HI ultra bright digital display. Also available are optional carrying cases that exceed government specifications.

We invite your most exacting questions on the capabilities of the PT300 Series Wheel Lead Scale Systems.