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Our main truss detailing program incorporates a complex design engine for the more exotic designs becoming so much a part of the norm in our industry. This program is renowned for its ease of learning and comfortable interface allowing the fast turnaround of your quoting and design requirements with superior design flexibility and intuitiveness.

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Roof Layout can Import a WallSource (WS) Plan

  • Users can import a floor plan  that has been created in WallSource that shows brickwork, load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls as well as beams
  • TrusSource also knows which walls are load-bearing and non-load-bearing.
  • Users can select load-bearing walls, beams or reference lines to nominate truss areas or groups, that means the user defines a span and a length for an area. No need for calculating spans and lengths as the user is selecting from a true floor plan. End types are selected so that the layout can then be generated.
  • Creating cut offs, cantilevers and internal supports can be achieved by drawing (tracing) over the WallSource (WS) walls, beams and reference lines (fast and accurate). The user can reposition areas to different walls and to run the area in a different direction before accepting the details (this is visually displayed as you go).
  • TrusSource allows the user to create duplicates of the layout.
  • The entire roof layout can be flipped by reimporting the WS layout in the new orientation.
  • Truss positions and loads can be linked with the WS layout so when the detailer, details the wall frames all information is presented for stud placement and lintel design.


Editing Areas in the Roof Layout

  • Adding walls (cut off, cantilever and internal supports) are created by either setting the data fields and viewing the display before accepting or by selecting the WS walls, beams and reference lines and then accepting the displayed change.
  • Service Loads and False Gables can be dragged and dropped in the roof layout after the item has been selected. Service Loads include Solar Hot Water Systems, A/C units, Storage areas etc.
  • To delete trusses a rubber band line is stretched over the trusses that the user wants deleted, the data fields are filled automatically and the user can view and/or change the details before accepting.
  • Trusses can be viewed and edited from the layout by selecting one or a group of trusses. The truss can be webbed and designed and also printed when selected.
  • The same rubber band line method is used when creating scissor trusses and modifying overhangs when editing areas.
  • The display view can also display the measurement references to confim which dimension is for which point of the edit feature.


Roof Layout Visual Display Options

  • The user can select from a list of options, what is displayed on the layout screen (and printed plot). This list covers all truss types, roof lines, area definitions, brickwork, load-bearing walls, non-load-bearing walls, beams and reference lines.
  • This option is useful for checking details like position of trusses and supports positioned over supported walls or beams.
  • Areas are labeled with numbers and appear listed whenever resetting, editing or joining new areas.
  • Areas are also labled with an L (LHS), R (RHS), 1 and 2 for easy definition of the area. Area labels can be turned on/off at the users discretion.

3D Visualisation of the Roof Layout

  • A 3D view of the building can be seen, rotated, zoomed, flipped etc. The view can also be printed/plotted and sent to a CAD package.
  • The 3D view will only show walls (brick, timber and beams) when the trusses are not yet designed and cut.
  • When the trusses are designed and cut the 3D view will show the walls and all trusses. There are options to show TC, BC, Webs, Plates and both sides of the truss when viewing in 3D mode.
  • The 3D view will also show the roof planes and ceiling planes as defined by the user.

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