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TSG is a specialist consulting firm expert in simulation and mathematical modelling, with over ten years’ experience in mining, transportation and processing.

Since establishment in 1999, TSG has developed to be one of the most respected discrete event simulation modelling and operations analysis teams in Australia and has rapidly been gaining a reputation worldwide for delivering a quality process and for adding value to client operations. We currently employ over 45 full time, experienced consultants located in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.

At TSG, our focus is to work with our clients to develop solutions, not just simulation models. Our dedicated project teams use computers to build models of complex operations and integrated supply chains, ensuring you have the necessary tools to make effective business decisions based on accurate information.

Client satisfaction is the key focus of our business, with over 90% of our new projects being repeat business. This number, as well as the formation of ongoing long term relationships, is testament to the value TSG’s simulation models bring to the companies we work with.

Better decisions can be made when the right facts can be examined, various options explored and conclusions tested. Simulation modelling and scheduling are the tools required to make this process work. The benefit to some of TSG’s past clients has been in the order of millions of dollars, with some clients reporting a 100:1 ROI when engaging simulation modelling before progressing a project.

TSG employs a robust, scientific process which has been developed and refined over a period of time by a team of experienced professionals. As TSG’s knowledge, skill and experience have grown, we have evolved tried and tested approaches and methodologies which ensure successful projects.

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(1) PHASED APPROACH. TSG employs a phased approach to simulation studies to provide greater certainty for its clients and to ensure that simulation is in fact the correct approach to deliver the required outcomes.

(2) SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Coding a simulation model is only part of any simulation study. Models must be verified and validated before rigorous scientific methods are applied to generate true insight into the system being studied.

(3) INTEGRATION WITH THE DECISION MAKING TEAM. TSG recommends a team-based approach for all simulation studies with the aim of involving all levels, from plant operators to vice presidents, in the simulation process. Collating these different perspectives results in a model that is more likely to capture all the relevant system interactions.

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