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Tub Grinders - TG5000

Supplier: Vermeer

Innovation and technology - Building on more than a decade of grinder research and development, the Vermeer TG5000 tub grinder packages innovation and power for large land clearing projects and organic/wood waste processing applications.

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A powerful CAT six-cylinder turbo-charged Tier 3 diesel engine provides exceptional power and fuel economy. The innovative tub design helps to reduce the change of material bridging and helps to increase productivity.

Feature: Cab door interlock safety switch
Benefit: Cab door must be closed and secure before loader boom and rotation is operational providing a safe area for operator in cab from flying debris.

Feature: Hydraulic Tub Drive Chain Tensioner
Benefit: Reduces daily maintenance to adjust manual tensioner systems for drive chain. Only increases tension on the chain when tub rotation circuit is under load. Tension is decreased if tub rotation is not under load. Less operator interface as opposed to mechanical tensioning systems that require operator to adjust tensioner periodically.

Feature: Thrown Object Restraint System (TORS)
Benefit: The patented conical TORS has a smooth underside for increased life and better material flow while reducing the quantity and distance of thrown objects when positioned over the tub.

Feature: Tub
Benefit: Tub is 60" (152 cm)deep and 12' 3" (374 cm)across the top opening to allow loading of large amounts of material. Bottom of the tub flares outward from tub wall, allowing the hammermill to cut under the vertical wall of the tub, reducing bridging and allowing steady feeding of material. This highly effective placement of the mill reduces the amount of material build up which may cause excess wear on the table and tub. The 6" (15 cm) cutting depth means more aggressive hammermill cuts to help provide continuous grinding and a high rate of production. Four tub wall agitators move material to help reduce bridging and increase production. Tub rotation is driven by a low speed, high torque, hydraulic motor and positive chain drive for greater durability. Vertical tub walls and flares are 1/4" (.64 cm) thick T1 steel. The tub floor is 3/8" (.95) thick T-1 steel. The tub flares fold in for 8' 6" (259 cm)transport width.

Feature: Patented Duplex Drum Hammermill
Benefit: This patented design decreases daily maintenance while increasing the life of major wear components by being able to reverse the cutter blocks, hammers,and center section of drum. Inertia is increased as compared to "Pin and Plate style" rotors and balance retention is improved to help add life to your machine.

Feature: 440hp or 540hp Tier III Caterpillar Engine Options
Benefit: The turbo charged, electronically fuel injected engine provides maximum horsepower with exceptional fuel economy. Extra large cooling system allows the TG5000 to work longer in a demanding jobsite. A high capacity radiator allows the machine to work in tough conditions with reduced risk of over heating. The reliable, durable engine is backed by a Caterpillar worldwide service network.

Feature: Optional Loader
Benefit: Less operator space as cab rotates with loader knuckle boom; providing clear line of sight as knuckle boom is in straight line view of operator. 370 degrees of rotation allows for increased work area around sides and front of machine to stage material for processing. Approximate eye level in cab is 17.5' (533 cm) from ground level to provide clear visibility of material being processed in the tub.

Feature: Ground Clearance
Benefit: The super singles provide floatation and 11" (28 cm) of ground clearance for better transport and movement on jobsites such as landclearing where soil conditions are unstable. The clearance also provides protection of components under the machine, such as brake canisters and axle components by keeping them up and out of the way of debris that is commonly found on job.

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