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Turbo & Intercooler Systems

Supplier: 4WD Systems

4WD Systems Turbocharger kits are an environmentally friendly system that delivers the ultimate combination of POWER, ECONOMY, DURABILITY, TOW & PASS ABILITY, LOW DOWN TORQUE, ALTITUDE COMPENSATION & EMISSION CONTROL.

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Turbo & Intercooler Systems

A turbocharger increases engine horsepower by delivering additional air to sustain efficient combustion at higher fuel flows, typically under load. What makes it unique is that the turbocharger itself makes no demand for extra energy since it is powered by the heat energy in the engines exhaust gases which would otherwise go to waste.

Rather than being expelled into the atmosphere via the standard exhaust, the super heated (due to additional fuel under load) exhaust gases are channelled to drive a turbine wheel in the exhaust housing. It is the rapid expansion (into the manifold and first section of the exhaust system) of the super heated gases as they cool that creates the energy to drive the turbine, rather than high RPM expelled gases.

Connected to the turbine, but in a separate chamber, is a compressor wheel. As this compressor wheel spins, it supplies clean air to the engine from the air cleaner. A turbocharger literally turns waste exhaust gases into energy. While doing so it increases fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.

Turbocharging is the most effective and economical method of making an internal combustion engine more energy efficient.

The installation of a 4WD Systems turbocharger will give you a significant increase in power and torque of approximately 40-50%. This will give you the power of a petrol engine and yet still retain all the benefits of long life, reliability and economy of your diesel.

The result is a vehicle that can carry or tow heavy loads with ease, provide the acceleration necessary for safe easy highway passing and overcoming the frustration of long hills especially when towing. In addition your offroad ability will improve dramatically by providing a wider stronger torque band which reduces the power gap between gear changes.

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