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Turret - Driveline Safety & Maintenance Tips

Supplier: Beattys Driveline Technologies
06 June, 2014

Keep your drivelines driving with these regular tips from the industry specialist.

With over 50 years experiance of servicing driveshafts across all markets and applications there's a wealth of technical know-how and practical advice gathered up that we'd like to share. 

TURRET TIP - Probable Causes for fractured Universal joints

  • Excessive torque loads
  • Shock loads
  • Improper application

TURRET TIP - Driveshaft Inspection Checklist

  • Check output & input end connections for looseness
  • Check for end clearance on u-joints
  • Check the slip spline for excessive radial and longitudinal movement
  • Check shaft for damage, bent tubing or missing balance weights

TURRET TIP - Driveline Welding Preventative Care

Check driveshaft weld seams regularly for fractures which can develop from shock loading, excessive vibrations or improper welding procedure. For your assurance of quality and safety all TURRET shafts are:

  • Machine welded to ISO 15614 weld procedure
  • Balance weights spot-welded to OEM specification

TURRET TIP - Vibration Issues? Here's some common causes:

The following items are things to check as common component related vibration causes...

  • Worn or broken u-joint
  • Worn spline on slip yoke or tube shaft
  • Tubing damage or balance weight missing
  • Lack of grease

If you have any driveline questions, issues or technical queries please call or email us today.