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Twin Arc Seam Tracker Welding System

Supplier: Gullco
04 March, 2008

When the company began its industrial engineering and tolling program for a new series of hydraulic, truck mounted cranes, it became clear that a new welding process would be required.

The company had extensive experience in long automatic seam welding, using the Submerged Arc Process, but the new high tech product designs from their Engineering Department called for 20-foot long seam welds on all for corners of new, box section crane components.

The new joint designs were perceived as not being applicable to the company’s existing submerged arc welding process. A decision was made to apply the MIG Process in a fully automatic mode, controlling two torches and welding two joints at the same time.

Experiments were initiated at the company to determine the exact welding parameters required to successfully complete each joint. Gullco international Ltd. Was contacted to examine the type of equipment required to automate the process.

The equipment chosen was Gullco's “KAT” variable speed travel carriage and Gullco electronic seam tracker modified to position two 400 amp. water cooled, torches in micro-adjustable gun holders.

Tests proved out the concept that two seams could be put down at the same time, using a single automatic seam tracker provided that the individual guns could be accurately set up for each different joint design and size.

The Gullco micro-adjustable holders enable the machine operator t repeat proven set-ups within 0.010 tolerance providing fast changeover time from one set of section design to the next.

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