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Two residential body corporates' slippery floor issues solved

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
31 January, 2013

The strata manager of these two body corporate has contacted Global Safe Technologies Australia, to provide surface safety solutions for the slippery areas of the stratas.

One body corporate had a recent independent OH&S safety audit conducted and the report has highlighted some potential issues. The other body corporate building's stairs slip resistance required to be inspected.

Global Safe's floor safety representative attended the sites to assess the situations. A comprehensive free Floor Safety Inspection report was provided for each situation.

One report was based on the previous OH&S report findings and inspection observations, the other, on the site inspection.

With the latter body corporate, the floor safety representative has also identified the entrance area as a high risk situation where the existing concrete pavers on the ramp have been coated with a topical sealer, making them very slippery.

For the first body corporate there were 36 entrances to be remedial treated which included the Safe Tile micro etching anti slip treatment for the terracotta tiles and Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing and edges installation as well as some additional highlight painting to warn residents of potential trip hazard.

For the second body corporate only the Safe Grip Ultimate product was offered as one of the remedial solution, applied as anti slip strips over the ramp as well as anti slip stair nosing to the stairs and edges.

The first body corporate has accepted the remedial treatment solution offered and the work has been completed.

After some rainy days, the strata manager had multiple reports regarding to near misses from the second body corporate about the entrance ramp area, so Global Safe decided to attend the this job as well, within 24 hours of being advised, to provide a solution and to prevent any potential slip and fall incident.

The entrance ramp surface has been completed on the following day, Saturday, the other body corporate work was completed as scheduled, during the following week.

To ensure that the work was completed with minimal inconvenience to the residents of the larger body corporate, Global Safe has brought on some additional fully qualified installers. This additional man power as well as a warmer day has greatly speeded up the work.

The anti slip stair nosing provided has not only installed a Disability Standards legislation 2010 compliant and long lasting floor safety solution, but also has improved the aesthetical appearance of the stairs.

The stairs are made to provide an at least 30 per cent luminance contrasted nosing, which are also highly slip resistive and provide a sustainable and fully compliant, relevant AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials referred HB 197:1999 handbook specified slip resistance classification recommended values.

The remediated surfaces at both situations were then independently slip-resistance tested by a NATA accredited slip resistance testing company, Safe Environments.

The results provided not only a fully slip resistance standard compliant surface, but in excess of the requirements, especially the Safe Grip Ultimate product, which resulted in a high Pendulum Class V slip resistive value.

This high initial slip resistance, combined with the products accelerated wear test result, will ensure that the surface slip resistance will provide a sustainable, safe and slip resistance standard compliant surface, for many years.

Global Safe is a one stop surface safety shop, offering unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually all surfaces and situations.

The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of locations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network members.