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Type 1860 B(U)96 Transport Cask

Supplier: Nuclear Australia

For transporting large radioactive materials in excess of 10,000 Ci of 60Co.

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Type 1860 B(U)96 Transport Cask

The A&DM Series 1860 Transport Cask can accommodate in excess of 10,000 Ci of 60Co and retain a 50mm Radiation Field of less than 500µGy. The Large Surface Area presented by the Crumple Shield ensures the outside surface can not rise above 50°C in a ambient of 38°C when dissipating 250 Watts of energy.

The Design creates a balance between capacity and weight ensuring a cost effective Freight Package.

The Crumple Shield Design means the Attenuator Casing does not have to suffer the direct force of the 9 Metre Drop Test due to the controlled Deceleration at impact, also the Penetration Test Spike is unlikely to even touch the casing.

The Radiation Capsules or Pencils are held in a Drawer which can be designed to suit the application. With appropriate Transfer Casks, safe field transfers of Isotopes for Disposal and Reload applications can be made.

Varying amounts of Heavy Metal are used to accommodate different capacities, with only lead as the attenuating material 1000Ci of 60Co will be the maximum load capability but with a 200mm Tungsten shield at the centre in excess of 10,000 Ci of 60Co can be accommodated. Depleted Uranium can be used for capacities up to 18,000 Ci.

The Casks are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel which will guarantee integrity to below -40°C.

For handling, the Cask has been constructed with two Lifting Points that accept a 19.5mm (3/4") "D" Shackle and Replaceable Hardwood skids for Forklift use . Four eyes have been fitted to enable tie down for Aircraft or Train shipment.