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Tyre Shredding Solutions

Supplier: Brentwood Recycling Systems

Brentwood has been manufacturing and supplying shredding machines for processing car and truck tyres for many years.

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Through extensive R & D and interactive liaison with our customers, our current range offers the latest technology in tyre shredding and processing.

As steel radial tyres are one of the most difficult products to shred in our industrial age, particular attention has been paid to developing machinery with superior working life and low maintenance. Brentwood offer a large range of machines with many diverse cutter arrangements. This allows us to provide machinery to produce various product sizes required for primary or secondary processing. This can be achieved by cutter selection, multi shredder plants or screening. 

Tyre shredding is a world wide necessity due to environmental controls restricting the dumping of whole tyres. Innovative industries are continually using shredded tyre for purposes such as fuel for kilns, retaining wall fill, 25 50mm chip for road base, municipal tip cover. Extensive use of rubber chip for production of rubber crumb is now common place.  As the charges for dumping whole tyres are increasing, new business opportunities are emerging. Fees for tyre removal are charged, which incorporates sufficient funds to allow shredding prior to further processing or disposal. 

Brentwood Engineers can assist in the selection of correct machinery to suit a particular application. In determining this, the following considerations must be addressed:

  • Types of tyres to be shredded – car, light truck, truck or other?
  • Quantities to be shredded?
  • Production rates required?
  • Size of shredded product?
  • Maintenance requirements?
  • Power supply?

The Brentwood range of shredders for tyres

The AZ-50HD – this machine is a good entry level unit capable of shredding up to 300 car tyres per hour. The lower capital cost provides opportunities for smaller businesses to shred tyres. This machine is supplied with 37kW electric drive. Maintenance expenses on this machine are obviously higher than the larger machines in the Brentwood range. This machine is also used as a secondary shredder in our Multi Purpose Shredder plants or Classifiers for the production of tyre chip.

The AZ-100/2 is the machine which can be used as the primary plant of the Multi-Shredder Chipping Plant. It can be used to process car, light truck tyres. Based on the construction of the Az 150W this machine is equipped with the largest shafts, bearings & gears available from Brentwood. This machine is supplied with 75kW electric drive. The machine can handle about 600 - 800 car tyres per hour but produces a fairly large product, which it is then necessary to shred through a secondary process. This machine provides high production rates on car tyres with lower maintenance levels.

The AZ-150W is Brentwood's largest machine. It will handle truck tyres without debeading. However, we recommend debeading, because this will reduce the maintenance costs on the machine. If you intend to install a crumbing plant, the removal of the bead is essential. The machine can handle 1000 car tyres per hour and up to 200 truck tyres per hour. Power supply requirements are high due to a 110kW drive and DOL start.


On all of the above machines, a Classifier Screen is available. This is a small trommel screen which rotates around the shredder and has holes in it to determine the size of the output product. The material which does not go through the holes on the first pass is returned to the shredder for more shredding. Obviously depending upon the size of the product, this effects the production rate through the machine.

Chip Shredding and Classifying Plants

Our standard Multiple Shredding Plant is designed to  produce a 40mm rubber chip.  This is achieved by using a primary shredder and then processing through secondary AZ50HD shredders fitted with classifiers. The product is excellent for fuel purposes and for fill. The chip from this plant is suitable for feeding into tyre grinding plants.

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