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Ultimate Agri Products

Solacoat Stops Heat!
Houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, malls, railway tracks, airport tarmacs, storage facilities, tanks and government offices all get hot. Once hot, electricity-cooling costs, power usage and green house emissions all escalate. There is a cooler solution - an environmentally friendly solution called Solacoat!

Solacoat reduces the temperature of galvanised iron roof by over 40?C and lowers heat within a building by up to 15?C!

Solacoat is a revolutionary water-based acrylic paint that contains a unique membrane additive which reflects the suns hot infra-red rays whilst reducing greenhouse gas emmissions. Manufactured to NATA and APAS standards, this non-hazardous product literally stops heat from entering a building or home.

Solacoat inhibits rust, corrosion and thermal expansions ensuring durability and superior appearance. The range includes concrete and brick render applications, pavement coatings and the paint coatings can be applied to most surfaces.

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Water-based and non-hazardous
Conventional insulations slow heat, Solacoat STOPS heat!
Applicable to most materials
Easy to apply via brush roller and airless spray for DIY & Professional

Variety of colours available to cater for individual preference and architecture appearance

10 year warranty. Complies with the NATA & APAS Standards

Solasteel won the prestigious Gold Award for 'Best Environmental Product' in Dubai.
Solacoat won two prestigious Silver Awards for 'Pavement Coatings' and 'Heat Reflective Coatings'

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