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Ultrahawke celebrates 5000+ manufactured heavy capacity scales

Supplier: Ultrahawke
11 February, 2013

Ultrahawke has manufactured over 5000 weighbridges and heavy capacity industrial scales since its inception in 1857.

After finding records of sales dating back to the early 1900’s, Ultrahawke staff decided to review sales of all Ultrahawke manufactured weighing products but counting abruptly stopped when nearing 5000 items when it was realised that sales records prior to WW1 were missing from archives.
Hawke & Co. was started by Henry Binney Hawke at Kapunda SA in 1857 and established a reputation for accuracy still known today. In 1983, the weighing division of Hawke & Co was purchased by Ultra Scales to forge UltraHawke P/L, and relocated to Melbourne for easier access to the east coast markets.
Ultrahawke has continued its expansion and now has a fully owned branch based in Pretoria catering for the needs of South Africa and nearby countries.
Ultrahawke was one of the first to recognise the advantages that hybrid scales utilising load cell technology could offer to general industries in heavy capacity weighing equipment. Success was immediate and Ultrahawke quickly updated their weighbridge and large platform designs over to full electronic as the technology became more readily accepted within the weighing industry and by their customers.
Ultrahawke weighbridges are renowned for their quality and durability and have been   installed throughout all states of Australia and in many overseas countries. Ultrahawke’s high accuracy weighing equipment is making a significant contribution to Australia’s push for improved efficiencies and accountability in the manufacturing, recycling and waste management industries.
The freight and transportation industries are also reaping the rewards from Ultrahawke’s weighing technology which can ensure maximum vehicle payloads without fear of retribution for accidental vehicle overloading incurring penalties under CoR Legislation.
Ultrahawke – 150+ years of manufacturing Australian Made weighing equipment and with agents in all states providing full national service support.