Choosing the right ultrasonic cleaner fluid for you.

At CleenSonic, we hear some variation of this question frequently—both from customers purchasing our ultrasonic cleaning machines and from business owners who have been using ultrasonic cleaning technology for years. There isn’t just one answer: the ‘best’ ultrasonic cleaner fluid will vary depending on what you are using your ultrasonic machine to clean.

What Sets CleenSonic Apart Regarding Sonic Cleaner Solution?

If you need help finding the right ultrasonic cleaner liquid, you have come to the right place. At CleenSonic, we are not only dedicated to building and selling the highest-quality ultrasonic cleaning machinery but also to selling top-grade cleaning solutions. Here are a few factors that set us apart in this space.

  • Product variety: We carry a range of cleaning solutions and can help you choose the right one for your purposes. For instance, if you work in the automotive industry and are looking for an effective way to clean carburettors, brake cylinders, radiators, and most other car parts, our Desal solution is likely the right choice for you. This solution is useful for removing light carbon, oil, grease, dirt, grime, and other common auto industry substances. If you are an aerospace contractor and need a way to clean aircraft engine parts and components, you will want our AlumCarb solution. This product is effective for removing heavy carbon, paint, grease, dirt, and varnish.
  • Experience: We have been in business for 20 years and counting. Our considerable experience with ultrasonic cleaning machines makes us an ideal partner whether you are implementing this technology for the first time or looking for ways to make it work even better for your business.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Ultrasonic Cleaner Fluid

When it comes to choosing the right sonic cleaner solution, it’s important to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, including the following:

  • Assuming all cleaning liquids are the same. Different cleaning solutions are formulated to achieve different results. Using the wrong type of cleaning solution creates the risk of not achieving the benefits you want from your cleaning process.
  • Not thinking about what you are trying to remove. Before you purchase a cleaning solution, think about the types of parts or tools you are trying to clean and the specific contaminants that you are seeking to remove. Removing paint or varnish from something is very different than removing oil and grease. Knowing which results you want to achieve will make it easier to choose a solution.
  • Not asking for guidance if you need it. If you need help choosing the right sonic cleaner solution, don’t hesitate to ask. At CleenSonic, we love working with customers and helping them find the right products for their purposes. We’re always happy to chat about your project and offer our recommendations.

Cleaning your parts, tools, machines, and equipment—and cleaning them right the first time—will always be cheaper than dealing with performance issues and irritating re-cleans. Thoroughly cleaned parts last longer and deliver benefits from performance to hygiene. To embrace these benefits, request your free solution exploration session today and ask about our ultrasonic cleaner fluids.

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