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Ultrasonic gas leak detection – GDU Incus

Supplier: ProDetec
29 August, 2011

Ultrasonic/ Acoustic gas detectors instantly detect gas leaks by 'hearing' the sound generated by escaping gas rather than responding to specific measurements of LEL or ppm.

It is the only method of detection able to detect gas without the gas cloud needing to come into direct contact with the detector. The technology is impervious to wind, fog or gas dilution and is therefore very reliable in outdoor installations.

The GDU-Incus is the latest product to expand our range of ultrasonic pressurised gas leak detectors. Utilising an advanced form of piezo-electric sensor technology, the GDU-Incus incorporates four independent sensing heads designed to allow unobstructed sensing and a vast detection range.

  • IECEx Explosion proof/flame proof certification plus SIL2 certified
  • Works in the harshest of environments from -55° to +85°C
  • Incorporates a unique integral self testing and cleaning system

Unlike any other detector, each sensor head can be tested with a true pressurised gas leak to simulate actual site detection capability. The self cleaning feature removes any build up of contaminants such as sand, oil or dust - minimising the level of maintenance required.

These sensors will detect gas at ‘the speed of sound’.

For more information on the GDU Incus (Exd) or the Intrinsically Safe GDU-01 please contact ProDetec on 02 9620 8700; info@prodetec.com.au