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Underground Mining Equipment - Alimak Raise Climber

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Alimak Raise Climbers and shaft enlarging equipment are available for underground mining, civil engineering and hydro-electric power generation as well as for operating as inter-level service lifts.

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NB: Not all products are available or approved for use in the Australian market. Please contact Alimak Hek Australia for advice.

Alimak Raise Climbers and shaft enlarging Alimak Raise Climbers are available with air, electric or diesel/hydraulic drive units. The platform can be any shape and size.

Since its introduction, the Raise Climber has been developed and improved into what is now the 6th generation, the Alimak RCM-series, enabling fast, mechanised drilling of long, inclined shafts and improved working environment.

The Alimak Method

The Alimak Method consists of five steps which together make up a cycle. The Raise Climber serves both as working platform and as a means of transport up to the work face.

It runs on a guide rail anchored to the hanging wall. Using curved guide rails the direction of travel can be changed at any time; forward, backward, or sideways.

The five steps of a cycle are:

Drilling, which is done from the platform of the Raise Climber. The platform is adapted to fit the size and shape of the raise.

Loading is also done from the platform.

Blasting is triggered from a well-protected location at the bottom station.

Ventilation. Nitrogen gases and dust created by the blast are cleared by spraying a mixture of water and air through pipes in the guide rail.

Scaling. When the air has been cleared the crew can ascend in the Raise Climber to the face, scale and install a new guide rail section, all under protection of the safety roof.

Economic and accurate

The investment required using the Alimak Method is estimated at 10–20 % lower than raise boring equipment.

Plus, operating costs are significantly lower (as much as 65 %) than other methods. As a result, raise production of only a few hundred metres per year becomes profitable with the Raise Climber.

The Raise Climber operates with almost surgical precision. Regardless of the length of the shaft, the Raise Climber will end up at the right spot as its alignment in the shaft can be adjusted continuously according to laser readings.

Recent Raise Climber projects:

  • XiLongChi PSP, China: Inclined pressure shafts totalling 1500.
  • Tongbai HEP, China: Pressure shafts totalling 800 m.
  • Deringer HEP, Turkey: Pressure shaft of 150 m.
  • Kid Creek, Canada: Ore passes and ventilation shafts totalling 2800 m.
  • Anglo Gold, South Africa: Boxholes, raises at 25–30 degrees and ore passes.
  • Tala HEP, Bhutan: Penstocks of around 2000 m.