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Underpinning re-levels houses and closes cracks in walls

Supplier: Mainmark
20 May, 2010

As Uretek raise and relevel sunken houses, cracks in walls usually close up, so that only repointing of the mortar joints or minor plaster repair is required.

Gaps below skirting boards are usually closed up too. Windows and doors also usually begin to work properly again as Uretek lifts sunken footings and floors back to their correct levels by The Uretek Method of advanced underpinning.

Cracks in walls are usually caused by ground compaction or shrinkage due to reactive clay in the foundation soil. Reactive clay can dry out due to drought and/or trees sucking the moisture away. That causes the soil to shrink, so the house loses support and the footings and floor sink down.

Cracks often then appear in both outside brickwork and inside plaster-board and render. Because Uretek re-levels the house and its sunken floor, the wall cracks usually tend to close up, leaving only minor plaster repair and painting or brickwork re-pointing to be done.

Re-levelling the floor also means that gaps below the skirting boards will be closed up too; and generally windows and doors will work properly again.

Uretek underpinning: minimal intrusion, minimal mess

Wherever possible Uretek work is done from outside through small 16mm diameter holes. When working inside, and especially on parquetry or ceramic tiles, injection can be carried out through even tinier, 6mm diameter, tubes placed as unobtrusively as possible.

Key benefits of Uretek underpinning

Like keyhole surgery: no need to vacate, minimal disturbance to your household, minimal disturbance to landscaping pathways, no demolition, no excavation - just tiny holes, structural resin injection, no water, no mess. Cracks in walls are usually close up as sunken floors are re-levelled.

Substantial direct and indirect cost savings - uretek sunken floor and foundation relevelling is fast, economical and long-lasting.