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Unique product features provide the ultimate in flexibility

Supplier: B&R Enclosures By: Caroline Jones
24 May, 2012

B&R Enclosures supply and manufacture a range of Ausrack Plus products designed to meet the needs of customers for use in networking or server applications.

B&R Enclosures range of Ausrack Plus products are designed with the unique inset corner posts allowing customers the ultimate in flexibility for use in networking or server applications.

Features and benefits of the inset corner posts:

Access around sides of installed equipment
Inset corner posts and cable zones allow access around sides of the installed equipment, making the possibility of new installs and retro fitouts easy.

Over 30 cable entry points in top and bottom
With so many cable entry points in the top and bottom of the rack it makes finding a location that suits your cabling requirements easy.

Combining accessories provides a total product solution
Combining the Ausrack Plus cabinets with our cable zone system you can quickly and easily create cable looms and cross cabinet cabling. Add in the Ausrack cable management systems and you have a clean install with maximum airflow to keep equipment cool.

Inset corner posts - unique to B&R Enclosures data products
With the inset corner posts as close to the equipment as possible and ensuring the frame is fully welded, we can supply a range of frames that have a high load rating (1400kg static and 900kg seismic).

Inset corner posts provide the ultimate in flexibility
Since there are no corner posts to limit the size of the doors, the Ausrack Plus frames can have a full width door fitted. In addition, by using our mesh doors it ensures the equipment installed gets maximum airflow through the cabinet.