Unleashing laser engraving potential with Trotec's Sandbox solution

The Sandbox technique, laser hack for engraving

The dynamic world of laser engraving thrives on innovation, creativity, and proficiency. At Trotec, we continuously push the boundaries of traditional engraving methods, creating novel solutions that revolutionise the industry. One such solution is our ingenious "Sandbox" hack for laser engraving. A seemingly simple approach is convenient when dealing with irregularly shaped products, promising a perfect blend of precision and versatility.


The Sandbox technique: engraving unusually shaped items made simple

The idea behind the Sandbox technique is to facilitate the engraving process for unusually shaped items, particularly during low-volume production runs or prototyping. Instead of attempting to secure the object traditionally, which can be time-consuming and intricate, we present an alternative solution that employs a tray of sand.


The process: engraving with sand as support

The process begins by placing a small tray filled with sand into the laser machine, taking care not to spill any contents. The object intended for engraving is then nestled into the sand. The adaptability of the sand allows it to conform to the object's shape, providing stable support throughout the engraving process.


The key to this approach is ensuring the engraving surface is uniformly flat. This can be achieved using a standard-level tool. Once the item is appropriately positioned and levelled in the sand, the laser can be focused as usual. Our red dot pointer helps place the graphic accurately on the object, leading to precise and high-quality engravings.


Efficiency and versatility: simplifying engraving of irregularly shaped items

It's noteworthy that clean sand is one of many materials that can be used with this technique. A tray of dry rice or popcorn kernels will serve the same purpose in the absence of sand. These alternatives, while unconventional, are just as effective in securing the item and providing a flat surface for engraving.


This groundbreaking technique from Trotec makes engraving irregularly shaped items far simpler and more efficient. It eliminates the need for complex fixtures or jigs to hold the objects, saving significant time and effort. The versatility of the process allows for a broad range of items to be engraved with precision and ease.


Try the Sandbox technique: experience simplicity and effectiveness

In conclusion, the Trotec Sandbox technique presents a creative, cost-effective, and efficient solution for engraving objects of varying shapes and sizes. It epitomises the innovative spirit at Trotec, where we constantly seek novel ways to improve the laser engraving experience for our users. The Sandbox technique is perfect for those seeking to experiment with new engraving projects or dealing with complex objects in low volume.


We invite you to try this innovative method and experience the simplicity and effectiveness it brings to the engraving process. Stay tuned for more creative laser hacks from Trotec that aim to make your laser engraving journey more accessible and enjoyable.


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