Upgraded AccuWash Truck Wheel Washer

Supplier: AccuWeigh By: Gary Bryant
04 November, 2011

The AccuWash Truck Wheel Washer was recently upgraded for significantly improved wheel washing performance and overall durability.

Sold and serviced by eight Accuweigh branches across Australia, the AccuWash Truck Wheel Washer is ideal for busy work sites such as quarries, mine sites and landfill operations. Increasingly more stringent EPA regulations almost make it a mandatory requirement for sites experiencing track-out from vehicles leaving the site to install a Truck Wheel Washer to prevent this form of pollution.

Recent improvements made to the AccuWash Truck Wheel Washer includes:

  • Electronic Vehicle Sensor To Remotely Activate The Water Sprays
  • Increased Spray Nozzles For Better Washing Performance
  • Auto/Manual Operation Of Scraper & Water Pump
  • Fully Sealed Internal Water Holding Tank
  • Stainless Steel Control Housing
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • In-Use Flashing Light

The Fully Automatic AccuWash Truck Wheel Washer is designed to thoroughly remove dust, soil, mud and organic materials from wheels, tyres under-bodies before vehicles access public roads. The self-cleaning models automatically filter and recycle the used water and then remove the sludge from the holding tank of the wheel washing system.

Accuweigh’s fully trained and experienced staff can provide free and professional advice on all Truck Wheel Washer applications. Our eight branches across mainland Australia are ready to perform turnkey wheel and tyre washing installations at short notice – including all civils, safety railings and traffic control needs.