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Supplier: Power Shield
01 November, 2012

Responses by Power Shield to some frequently asked questions about UPSs.

Why do I need a UPS?

The power that your electrical provider directs into your home or office is susceptible to many disturbances. Without a UPS protecting your devices, computer files may be corrupted, data lost, hard drives can crash or the power fluctuation can even shut down your entire operation.

What are the different disturbances and what are their causes?

Power Failure - Total loss of power caused by lightning strikes, downed power lines and accidents.

Power Sag - Short term low voltage caused by the start-up of large loads, utility switching, or utility equipment failure. AS well as crashes, sags can damage hardware.

Power Surge - Short term high voltage caused by heavy equipment being turned off or by utility switching. This too can damage computer hardware.

What are the different types of Uninterruptible Power Systems and how do they differ?

There are three distinctly different UPS systems that you can purchase. They are the Back-Up (stand-by) system, the Line Interactive system and the True Online Double Conversion System.

Backup systems provide a low level of power filtration but are installed primarily for battery backup in case of a power outage.

Line Interactive UPSs apply automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which bucks and boosts the electrical signal so that it maintains a standard of +/- 240 volts. These UPS's can apply this AVR to an input variance of 30 percent before sending it into battery backup. This means that it can manage dips and surges from 168 to 312 volts without the battery being employed. Once the voltage dips below or surges higher than this range, the battery will take over, promising cleaner power for your sensitive electronic systems.

The True Online Double Conversion UPS actually takes the AC current coming into the system, converts it to DC and then back to AC for the running of crucial electronic components. This True Online system is the best because it insures that the power entering your equipment is totally independent of the power that is entering the building. This is extremely important if information and reliability are crucial to the operation. This refers to businesses who trade online, medical equipment and crucial servers. The True Online Double Conversion UPSes present the highest degree of power filtration.

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