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Uretek re-supports and re-levels airport slabs

Supplier: Mainmark
29 September, 2011

In Australia Uretek structural resin injection work has been carried out at many airports.

Runways, taxiways and hangars have been re-levelled and bumps, ponding, slab movement and trip hazards have been removed. Thick concrete pavement (typically 600mm) is raised and re-levelled quickly, easily and precisely.

Fast, economical and permanent, the Uretek method is based on multi-component resins being injected into the sub-base beneath airport slabs. There the resins mix together and expand very strongly. At first any voids are filled and soft substrate areas are compacted and strengthened.

If the area needs to be raised, injection is continued, and the area is lifted by a fraction of a millimetre at a time. Injections are carefully monitored by laser level and they are continued until the whole affected area is back evenly up to absolutely the correct level.

Minimal disruption is caused to airport operations, because the Uretek method is so fast. It can be done at night or one section at a time and even the heaviest traffic can run over an area just half an hour after the work has been completed. 

The Uretek resins set strongly so quickly that in an emergency the work area is immediately and safely trafficable.

One good example of Uretek work on Australian airports is pictured: The re-support of the hangar slabs used by the FA 18 jet fighters at the RAAF Base, Williamtown NSW.

More info: 1800 623 312 and www.uretek.com.au