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Use and Care of LPG Appliances

Supplier: Elgas Limited
19 December, 2007

1. Installation and maintenance of LP Gas appliances must only be carried out by licensed or authorised LPG installers.

2. The installer is responsible to ensure that new or replacement appliances are connected, tested, adjusted and in safe working order. Appliance operating instructions should be handed to the consumer and explained by the installer.

3. LPG appliances must not be connected to other gas supply systems, such as natural gas.

4. Adequate ventilation must be provided to allow air for satisfactory combustion and ensure ample dispersal of the burnt gases.

5. Installations in caravans, recreational vehicles and boats must comply with the installation code applicable to fixed appliances. Cylinder compartments must be sealed from the interior of vehicles/boats and vented to the outside. Cylinder valves must be closed when a caravan is in transit. Never use any gas appliance, including a refrigerator, in a moving vehicle.

6. Turn off every LPG appliance in caravans/boats before refuelling

7. Do not use unflued LPG appliances under any circumstances in bedrooms, bathrooms or sleeping annexes