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Use bamboo products to adapt eco-friendly approach

Supplier: Simply Bamboo
03 November, 2010

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring?

Today's trend is forever moving towards Eco-friendly products. This has been the case for more and more people leaning towards bamboo flooring as the best approach in obtaining Eco-friendly products for their homes. Though bamboo cannot be classified as a hardwood as such, being from the grass family of plants the way it is processed does makes it harder than a lot of traditional hardwoods. Bamboo flooring comes in in horizontal, vertical and compressed grains, available in a range of colours you can go as light as a natural blonde to darker carbonised coffee tones.

Carbonisation, the heating process that alters the colour of the bamboo can affect the hardness and the darker the colour the hardness is reduced, but only by a minimal difference. Some manufacturers have recently started to introduce factory dyes or stained bamboo which gives you the option of even more colours. Introducing bamboo flooring into the market has given people the option of introducing more natural looking products into their home and is one of the main reason bamboo flooring is recommend today.

The actual process in the making of the bamboo flooring is very simple and easy. The bamboo cane is cut into strips, boiled, dried and then laminated into bamboo planks for floor boards. The last part of this process involves putting a polyurethane based finish to the product. This process makes bamboo very hard and durable, making it a good choice for high traffic areas of the home or office.