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Utilising the latest technology prevents inaccuracies at wineries

Supplier: TallShips Solutions
16 October, 2013

Inaccurate data can seriously impact a winery's business.

It is vital to ensure any inaccuracies when tracking from fruit to bottle are eliminated. TallShips Solutions have the answer in their Wine File winery record keeping software using RFID.

A constant peril in most winery operations involving either the movement of a wine or the addition of an additive is misidentification of the wine involved. The accidental blending of a wine or the incorrect addition can result in significant loss in value of the wine affected or considerable additional processing costs.

Fortunately identification technologies like barcodes or RFID provide cost effective methods of positively identifying barrels and tanks and when coupled with effective winery management software and operational procedures the opportunities for incorrect identification of wine are significantly reduced and potentially eliminated.

In most cases, current winery practices are heavily reliant on paper to communicate work requests between the winemaker and the cellar. This paper can be in the form of a printed document from the winery's management system, a handwritten document or a transcription from a work list on a whiteboard.

In each case they are reliant on the accuracy of the initial information and also the recipient being able to accurately carry out the task described on the sheet. In the case of barrel operations where many vessels are involved the opportunity for error is increased by the larger number of vessels which require their identity transcribed numerous times during the life of a wine. This is where TallShips' new solution Wine File Mobile comes into play making a valuable contribution to the process.

Use of identification technologies can eliminate the need for transcribing barrel numbers at all stages of the barrel operation process. When a barrel is initially filled with a wine the barrel identity can be scanned and the used to update the winery management software. When barrels are topped they can be scanned to ensure that the correct barrels are being used. 

Similarly for transfers, barrel identities can be scanned before and after operations. Barrel attribute information (Cooper, toast level, origin) can be checked to ensure that the winemaker's wishes are met regarding the oak type being used for a particular wine.

Wine File Mobile brings these capabilities to Wine File Winery Manager using a rich set of functions leveraging identification technologies. This new element in the Wine File Winery Manager suite of software facilities the elimination of paper in the communication chain between the winemaker and the cellar.

The accurate winery information currently resident in Wine File is available on a portable device in the cellar and with a single scan this information is available at the tank or the barrel. Transcription of barrel or tank numbers is eliminated by Wine File Mobile. The user experience inherent in Wine File Mobile is consistent with that experienced when using a smartphone bringing a familiar look and feel to the cellar.