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UV Absorbance/Transmittance Measurement System

Supplier: Measurement Plus

UV Absorbance/Transmittance measurement can be used to continuously protect plant treatment processes from high organic loads.

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Operators can use the continuous readings to watch for sudden changes in organic load that would require alternate treatment procedures. Online analysis allows treatment plants to operate more efficiently reducing labor costs for time consuming laboratory analysis.

UVT can be affected by many factors, from a simple change in seasons to storm events. Potential changes in UVT should be considered in a UV disinfection system for optimized dose delivery.

Hach’s UVAS sc is designed to provide continuous UVT measurement of pre-disinfected source water. Data can immediately be incorporated into the operation in real time.

Features of UV Absorbance/Transmittance Measurement System:

  • Continuous, automatic early warning systems
  • Precise balancing of organic load, aeration, and nutrients
  • Self-cleaning wiper system
  • Diagnostic routines built into the UVAS sc sensor
  • Semi-yearly inspection and replacement of wiper and seals

Applications of UV Absorbance/Transmittance Measurement System:

  • Protection of treatment plants from industrial dischargers
  • Monitoring shock loads from internal plant processes
  • Control of activated sludge processes
  • Control methanol feed in BNR based on organic loading
  • Final effluent monitoring
  • Monitoring efficiency of UV disinfection processes

Benefits of UV Absorbance/Transmittance Measurement System:

  • Identify sudden changes in organic load requiring alternate treatment procedures
  • Operators can balance other factors resulting in cost and time savings
  • Eliminates surface films or particles that can diminish accuracy
  • Reduces the need for extensive calibration and maintenance