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V4400QS-1 Real-TIme Digital Color Quad Splitter

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The V4400QS-1 Digital Color Quad Splitter accepts four camera inputs, processes them digitally, and displays all four on a single monitor screen. The complete video from each camera is displayed.

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All operating and programming functions are performed with the front panel keys. The V4400QS-1 may also be controlled remotely by a host computer using a simple RS-232 command set. The V4400QS-1 features real time image processing and 2× digital zoom in VCR playback.

It has a high resolution of more than 700 pixels (540 TV lines). The image can be put in a FREEZE mode. The splitter also features adjustable dwell time, PIP display, color adjustment and on/off selectable on-screen title, time and date display.

The V4400QS-1 accepts both NTSC and PAL signals. The V4400QS-1 (NTSC) and V4400QS-1P (PAL) are supplied with appropriate power cords (120 or 230 VAC).

Sequential Switching

In addition to the quad screen display, the V4400QS-1 offers a manually selected full-screen display of individual cameras and a sequencing program that displays each camera full screen. In this program, after camera 4 has been displayed, the quad image is displayed as part of the sequence. A dwell period is menu-selectable. Dwell can be set from 1 to 99 seconds and a camera can be programmed to be skipped in the sequence.

Individual Camera Titles

Each camera can have a title of up to eight characters, from a character set including the upper and lower case alphabet, numbers 0 through 9, a series of special charcters (including punctuation and common symbols) and a blank.

Alarm Operation

The V4400QS-1 includes alarm response capabilities. A separate hardwired alarm input (which can be normally open or normally closed, menu-selectable) is provided for each camera channel, and an alarm relay output is provided for connection to an external device, such as a VCR. This output is normally open.

When an alarm is activated, the associated camera video displays full screen, the word ALARM displays on screen, a continuous audible alarm beeps and the alarm output relay activates. If multiple alarms are activated, the screen switches the full screen video for each channel in turn and displays the ALARM message for each screen. The alarm generates an audible sound.

If one of the alarm activated channel buttons is depressed while the video is switching, the switching stops temporarily while the button is depressed and continues when the button is released. Pressing the SEQ/ALM button resets the alarm condition.

Video Loss

A built-in video loss detection system generates a visual alarm if video is lost from any of the four camera inputs. If video is lost from a camera, the screen goes blue, an audible beep occurs and VD Loss appears on the screen. Unaffected cameras continue to display video.


The unit has an onscreen menu to set the time and date. Time is in either the 12-hour or the 24-hour mode and is programmed to display at the top or bottom of the screen. The real time clock has a battery backup that can store data for two weeks without power.

VCR Interface

The V4400QS-1 has a VCR input BNC that accepts the video signal from the VCR and connects to the video output connector of the VCR. It allows the recorded tape to be played back. The VCR output BNC outputs the video signal to the VCR. This output is a quadrant display of video and any quad can be zoomed to full screen. It is connected to the video input connector of the VCR.

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