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Vacuum Concentrator with Scraper Arm - iopak

Supplier: Process Plant Network

This iopak Vacuum Decompression Concentrator with Scraper Arm is skid mounted and comes with a vacuum pump.

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It is widely used for concentrating some heat-sensitive products, such as jam, sugar syrup etc. It utilises vacuum and low temperature concentration to ensure a stable, high quality product.

Chief Technical Parameters
Evaporation Capacity:
100KG/Hr(Product Dependent)
Heating Area: 0.9m³
Vacuum Degree: -0.08Mpa
Energy Consumption: 60Kg/H
Steam Pressure: 0.05-0.12Mpa
Agitator speed: 35RPM
Extra Pump: 0.81KW Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Diameter of Kettle: 550mm

Structure and Steps:
Jam in the kettle will be fully concentrated by 1) Pumping steam into the jacket of the kettle to heat the product in the inner tank. 2)The agitator with its scraper arm is activated to mix the liquid product in order to speed up flow.

Chief advantages:

  • Uncomplicated structure
  • Simple to operate
  • Small heating area
  • High evaporating ability.The Concentrator kettle consists of the upper kettle and lower kettle. An Agitator with scraper arm and electric-driven reducer is installed in the kettle,the speed of which is 35RPM.

The configuration on the dish cover includes manway, sight glass, light glass, gauge andliquid-gas separator. The Hydraulic ejector extracts the exhaust vapour to ensure that the kettle reaches the scheduled vacuum degree.