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Vacuum Lifting Devices - VacuMaster Basic/Comfort by Millsom MAterials Handling

Supplier: Millsom Materials Handling

The VacuMaster Basic and Comfort series are updated versions of the Vario model. Both incorporate functionality, safety and ergonomic upgrades while maintaining the quality that defines the entire Vacumaster line.

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As an innovative manufacturer of vacuum lifting devices, we guarantee the excellent product quality which has made the VacuMaster one of the world´s leading products. In order to ensure that the devices continue to meet your requirements in the future, we have completely updated the product VacuMaster Vario.

During the development of these new devices, great emphasis was placed on functionality, safety and ergonomic considerations. It goes without saying that the new models are just as robust and reliable as their predecessors. 

VacuMaster Basic/Comfort - innovations for your success


The new devices guarantee high functionality.

This can not only be seen by the long lifetime, the easy adaptation to meet individual requirements, the insensitivity to dirt and various other benefits which make work easier - for example the easy vacuum adjustment and the low overall height.

 The Highlights:

  • Extremely robust
  • Compact, modular design
  • Suction pads and cross-beam connections made of modern plastic materials


Safety has the top priority at our vacuum lifting devices. You can count on Schmalz products squarely - even in the case of a power failure!

 The Highlights:

  • Electronic warning device which functions even in the case of a  power failure
  • Large vacuum reservoir integrated into the main beam guarantees safety in the case of a power failure
  • Unique manual slide valve with non-jamming locking


Easy, health-saving and ergonomical handling of heavy loads was always of maximum importance for our vacuum lifting devices. The new generation of Schmalz VacuMasters now supports you even more.

 The Highlights:

  • Ergonomical operator handle
  • Main controls located on the operator handle (VacuMaster Comfort)
  • Suction pads and cross beams can be adjusted easily and quickly
  • Low intrinsic weight
  • Clearly visible, integrated meters

VacuMaster Basic and Comfort - two strong partners!

VacuMaster Basic - with comprehensive basic features

  • Vacuum lifting device with a high degree of variability 
  • Pump size, operator-handle length, main beam and cross beams can be selected individually to meet your requirements
  • Main beam with integrated vacuum reservoir and distributor
  • Ergonomic operator handle
  • Electronic warning device, non-return valve
  • Optionally with swivelling function (90° or 180°)

VacuMaster Comfort - the high-end version

  • Basic features as for the VacuMaster Basic
  • Ergonomically integrated push-button controls for "Chain hoist up/down", "Vacuum on/off" and, on devices with swivelling function "Swivel vertical/horizontal"
  • Solenoid valve with two-hand circuit for "Vacuum off"
  • Regulated vacuum generator, pump with automatic power-saving function
  • Supplied complete with chain hoist
  • Option: chain hoist with frequency regulation of lifting speed