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Vane Acutators - PURETORQ

Supplier: Motivact

Motivact are the Australian distributor for PURETORQ Vane Actuators.

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Puretorq, using the vane design, utilises the rotary-to-rotary motion principle providing the reliability for modulating and simple on/off applications at costs more competitive to Rack & Pinion actuators.

Features of Vane Acutators - PURETORQ

  • Puretorq Actuators are the Ideal Design for Modulating
    Conventional Rack & Pinion actuators can not avoid the hysteresis caused by the gap between the rack and the pinion, inducing motion errors when utilized in modulation application. Puretorq actuators do not have these issues and can provide the reliability for modulating and simple on/off application.
  • Simple Design
    Puretorq's simple design results in far fewer parts than conventional Rack & Pinion or other Vane type designs. This results in better reliability, longer life, significantly lower cost and lower maintenance cost compared to our competitor's actuator.
  • Patented Fixed Tri-Seal
    Puretorq's life cycle has been tested to millions of cycles in Double Acting, Fail-Safe and Spring Return versions, lasting longer than the conventional Rack & Pinion actuator. Air pressure is used to create the sealing due to the V-shape of the Tri-seal. The air pressure produces a tight seal at the contact of "seal to vane" and "seal to housing".

    Patent worldwide:
    U.S.A. 6,511,040 ; 6,318,701
    EPC UK 97942744
    Italy 97942744
    China zl 2007 1 0014807.0
    Taiwan 155762 ; 143286
    All other areas patent pending
  • Direct NAMUR Mount Pad for Solenoid Valve
    Provides compatibility with a broad range of solenoid suppliers and the option of direct piping.
  • Single Moving Vane
    • The vane is the only moving part of the actuator and is comprehensively integrated with the shaft. Zero hysteresis occurs from the actuator to the valve stem
    • Unlike a Rack & Pinion shaft, Puretorq's shaft is constructed symmetrically allowing for better balance thereby mitigating unwanted friction and improving actuator life
  • External Single Acting Spring Return Unit
    Sealed, non-breathing housing protects spring in corrosive environments
  • Dual Female Drive
    • As per ISO standards, Puretorq has incorporated a female drive in its design thereby allowing for direct mounting on both sides
    • Most Vane type actuator do not allow direct mounting; its design only supports male drive, therefore a bracket and coupler is needed complicating the construction of a control valve system and increasing the chance for hysteresis
  • Supports Dual ISO
    With symmetric construction, all Puretorq actuators have two different (or equal) sets of standard ISO5211 bolting patterns and ISO double square female drive shafts, thereby allowing either side (or both sides) to be used to operate ¼ turn vales
  • Dual VDI/VDE 3845 Mounting Pads
    Puretorq vane type actuator fully complies with VDI/VDE 3845 standards, and provides the compatibility and direct mounting of limit switch, positioner and a broad range of auxiliary products


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