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Vehicle Intelligence

Supplier: Masternaut Three X

To provide 100% visibility of your mobile workforce, Masternaut Three X gives you a detailed insight into almost any event that generates an electronic response, like opening a door or tipping a load.

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Masternaut Three X’s vehicle intelligence solution means you will know precisely what your workforce is doing, where and when.

This level of detail provides robust documentation in support of service level agreements whilst real-time monitoring lets you compare actual activity against the plan and keep work flowing smoothly.

By recording events taking place like doors opening or closing, sweeper brushes being activated or cranes picking up loads, the solution gives visibility of circumstances that could cause operational or security concerns so you can take action.

Information is relayed along with tracking data to be displayed via your secure web-portal. And real-time text or email alerts can be put in place make sure you have your finger on the pulse of your workforce minute-by-minute.

The Masternaut Three X team work with you to understand exactly what information will be the most useful to your business and then create bespoke solutions by linking your central tracking solution to new or existing switches that trigger when a set event takes place. The data is then relayed along with all your tracking data and displayed on your secure web-portal.

Multiple events can be monitored via power take-offs and pressure switches. Lifting, tipping, mixing and grabbing; brushes down on street sweepers; and cranes bearing weight are some examples. Additionally door switches allow us to monitor opening and closing events which helps us to maintain specified cargo temperature and cargo security on high-value loads.

Real-time exception and event driven reporting can be created. Alerts can also be sent via text or e-mail to notify you of unexpected or unauthorised activity, as well as identifying circumstances that could cause operational or security concerns.

High value loads standing with trailer doors open in public areas or temperature-sensitive cargo dropping below minimum levels for example need immediate attention to avoid potentially significant commercial loss. Vehicle intelligence alerts help you do just that.

Security of your workforce can also be a concern and panic buttons can be incorporated into the dash to provide immediate notification of a need for assistance.

Masternaut Three X vehicle intelligence solutions provide robust documentation of your entire workforces’ activity to ensure you are meeting service level agreements and complying with stringent legislation.

With full visibility of exactly what each vehicle is doing at any time you will be armed with reliable documentation on accurate delivery time and activity details to avoid any late claims or legal issues.

Benefits of Vehicle Intelligence:

  • Increase visibility of operations.
  • Make informed decision-making.
  • Minimise risk and increase control and security for your workforce and their loads.
  • Protect your profits against claims.
  • Satisfy more of your service level agreements.
  • Demonstrate compliance with legislation.