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Vehicle Tracking via the Internet

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A vehicle fitted with the Rhino Tracks™ Telematics Control Unit stores and sends vehicle data, including location, speed, heading etc. to the Rhino TracksTM Web Server via the GSM Mobile Phone Network.

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This information can be requested 'live' or sent at set intervals for regular position updates on mapping screens.

You can track, replay, report and access a host of features & fleet management style functions.

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are able to locate your vehicle to within 20 metres*.

With Rhino Tracks™ You Can Affordably:

  • Locate & track your own vehicle to within 20 metres*, in virtually real-time, from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. Unlike most other retail tracking products, you can actually track your own vehicle at any time and find out where it is. A major advantage for fleet management applications is that no expensive hardware or software is required.
  • You can download a history of where your car has been, the speed it was doing, & what direction your car was heading and plot it on to a map.
  • If your car is stolen you can track the vehicle in near real time and inform the Police of its current location. Under Police authorisation you can immobilise your vehicle (if an optional immobiliser is fitted).
  • Connect a car security system so you and up to 5 other people can be sent an SMS message or even an email to alert you that your alarm has been activated.
  • In the event of locking your keys in your car, your vehicles central locking can be connected (optional) to the tracking control unit. This will enable you to unlock your car via the Internet.
  • Rhino TracksTM includes full fleet management functions (too numerous to mention here) for business operators, including printable reports.
  • Unlike some other tracking products that use their own radio network with limited coverage, Rhino TracksTM can be used to track your vehicle Australia wide providing there is GSM coverage for your chosen network provider. Even if there isn’t GSM coverage for a particular period, you can still download the history of where the vehicle has been, speeds reached etc. for fleet management purposes. In fact, the TCU can store 5000 logs of date, time, speed and heading. As an example if you stored a log every 15 minutes, you will have 52 days of data stored within the TCU.
  • Low yearly subscription fee and you control the costs as you only pay when you use the system.

* Provided your vehicle is within your selected Mobile Phone Network Carriers GSM Coverage, GPS Satellites are operational & the vehicle is not undercover.