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Velocity and Dynamic Vehicle Testing | Vbox Video Lite

Supplier: Applied Measurement Australia

Powerful GPS Data logger with Video Overlay, Cheapest Vbox Video Vbox In Australia


Powerful VBOX datalogging and video technology in a user-friendly, affordable product Video VBOX Lite is a one box solution, incorporating a solid state video recorder, a VBOX 10Hz GPS data-logger and a real time graphic overlay.

This combination allows users to carry out detailed driver training and vehicle analysis without the expense and specialised knowledge involved in professional level data-loggers. Based on the high end Video VBOX, Video VBOX Lite is a more affordable version of what Video VBOX users have called the ultimate track video system.

Housed in a rugged plastic box, with a smaller footprint than the parent VideoVBOX, Video VBOX Lite shares many of the same features as the top of the range product.

What can Video VBOX Lite do?

Video VBOX Lite takes the video captured from multiple waterproof cameras and combines it with a customisable graphic overlay, streaming the resulting video onto an SD card as a DVD quality MPEG4 file. A 10Hz GPS engine provides information such as circuit position, lap timing, speed (accurate to ±0.2km/h) and acceleration, whilst a single CAN channel can retrieve data such as RPM.

The data is seamlessly integrated with real time graphics, meaning that video game style dials and gauges can be shown on the multi-camera video, with the option to fully customise the graphics using the included Video VBOX Lite Setup software. Lap by lap and comparison analysis is performed with the included Circuit Tools software.

Video VBOX Lite is also compatible with the Micro Input Module, which provides inputs for 4 analogue voltage channels and an RPM channel.

Using Video VBOX Lite is quick and easy. Simply connect the cameras and the GPS antenna, insert the SD card or USB stick and drive.

  • Built in 10Hz GPS engine with VBOX datalogging
  • 2 camera inputs with configurable picture in picture
  • Optional 580L and 420L Bullet Cameras
  • 1 CAN channel
  • SD Card logging
  • Audio recording
  • MPEG4 encoding – approx 2GB per hour DVD quality, PAL or NTSC format
  • Customisable real-time graphic overlays, including gauges, bar graphs, circuit plots, lap times, and text
  • Preview over USB for camera and graphics set-up
  • Small and rugged plastic enclosure
  • Tank Circuit – will keep logging even when power is disconnected for up to 10 seconds
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Compatible with Racelogic input modules to log RPM and analogue inputs even in vehicles without CAN


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