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Verbatim Quality (ABS and PLA Filament) | 3D Tek-Filament

Supplier: 3D Tek

Verbatim offers one of the top grade 3D printing filament that is manufactured to very tight tolerances.They are made from highest quality materials to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.

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The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a commonly used thermoplastic while Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a partially degradable bio-polymer derived from plants. Both the filaments give high performance but ABS is considered to be more flexible than PLA.


  • Used with commercially available 3D printers, the filaments are used to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.


  • The filaments are generally packed in vacuum-sealed bag in order to prevent dust and moisture
  • Custom spool that is designed for providing strength and uniform feeding which helps in quality printing
  • The filaments are environmental friendly and they are recyclable product
  • It offers good heat resistance and smooth finish
  • Both ABS and PLA provides high consistency and hold tolerances of +0.05M to -0.05M and is durable and impact resistant filament
  • It has glossy appearance, which provides smooth surface
  • It has 1 year limited warranty


  • For best performance a heated bed of 70 °C and extrusion temperature between 230-240 °C
  • PLA filament is made from bio plastic derived from plants while ABS filament is made from styrene acryl and butadiene
  • Both PLA and ABS has spool diameter of 200 MM and spool depth of 72 MM with hub diameter of 102 MM
  • They are made in Japan
  • The diameter accuracy is about 1.75 MM with error of 0.05 MM
  • Net weight is about 1 KG
  • Recommended storage temperature is about -20 °C to 60 °C
  • All the filaments is delivered in a vacuum bag with desiccant, wound onto a spool