Verderflex wastewater pumps perform in demanding sampling systems

Supplier: Global Pumps By: Global Pumps
31 March, 2016

Smart Storm, a leading manufacturer supplying wastewater systems internationally, is now using Verderflex peristaltic pumps in its sampling systems.

Sampling the toxicity and volume of effluent wastewater requires highly specialised wastewater sampling systems. At the heart of any wastewater sampling system is the ability to move water. The Hydrocell sampler system from Smart Storm incorporates Verderflex's Rapide R3DC OEM peristaltic pump to reliably and efficiently pump water through their Hydrocell sample systems.

Several years ago, Smart Storm decided to develop a new leading-edge wastewater sampling system that would outclass not only their current sampler, but would also outperform their competitors' best offerings and meet the demanding regulatory requirements of the industrial wastewater sampling sector. This new product, the Hydrocell sampler, is the only sampler in the market incorporating a user-friendly graphical UI with Windows CE programming in its Universal Smart Instrument (USI) controller.

"Our design and engineering teams required the new system to exceed performance specifications of our old system and those of our competitors in every feature, including the pump", said Dr. John Duffy, Smart Storms Managing Director. After numerous trials with different pumps, the Verderflex R3DC OEM pump was selected for several reasons. It set itself apart with its vertical lift capacity of 9 m, exceeding every other pump tested, with its reliability also impressive. "The last thing we want to do is to send an engineer to the sampling site to repair a system as this is both costly and time consuming, plus the sampling system is non-functional until it's repaired", said Dr. Duffy. Customers cannot afford this downtime.

Historically, the pump was a weak point in a sampling system, so when Smart Storm underwent its redesign exercise, pump robustness was a top priority. Verderflex's pumps have been used in Smart Storm's systems for several years without a single failure. The pumps have been integrated into the entire product range, from single bottle samplers, through to multi-bottle refrigerated samplers. The pump, along with other design features, including the new USI controller, make Smart Storms new Hydrocell wastewater sampling system the most advanced system on the market.

Verderflex's Neil Thomas pointed out "the R3DC pump is ideal for this type of demanding application. The R3DC's robust design and thick wall tubing, coupled with its high lift capacity are ideal for this purpose. The DC motor can accommodate speed and flow-rate variations and it can handle flows up to 3.4 L/m."

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