Versatile mobile sewage bypass pump for council

Supplier: Hydro Innovations
06 September, 2016

A large council in South East Queensland were after a sewage By Pass Pump Unit to achieve a range of duties across their network.

They wanted a self priming pump that could operate on suction lifts of up to 6m. They preferred a self priming pump over a prime assisted [or dry or auto prime] pump because they did not want to rely on "add-on" systems to provide the priming function.

The pump selected by council that filled the criteria was a Gorman-Rupp state-of-the-art V6A60-B Ultra V Series self priming wastewater pump. This pump is capable of flows to 120 litres per second and heads to 50 metres.

This pump will handle a 76mm spherical solid and is supplied with a self cleaning wear plate system to enable the pumping of stringy materials such as rags. A large removable cover-plate allows operators to have easy access to pump internals for inspection or removal of debris. The pump is also easy for operators to adjust internal clearances [one person, two spanners, four minutes], check oil levels and to repair.

The Pump is driven by a John Deere Diesel engine model 4045T and mounted in an Acoustically rated enclosure (approximately 71dB(A) at 7 metres) with access doors for pump and engine maintenance.

The council are pleased with their investment and have since ordered more units