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Vertical band saw cuts through 680mm x 1200mm aluminium

Supplier: Unist Australia By: John Barker
12 February, 2010

Using a Coolubricator system from from the Unist product range, a Sydney manufacturer cuts through a solid aluminium ingot 680mm x 1200mm thick.

The job here was to cut these ingots in half so they could be recycled back to the smelter for reprocessing.

The customer used a vertical band saw and the who process was fraught with problems such as, braking blades, blades running off at an angle, blades jamming and braking in the product and generaly causing a great amount of grief and expence in the whole process.

Unist Australia was aproached to provide a solution. We fitted the saw with a Coolubricator and used Coolube 2210.

The results were outstanding, blades stopped braking cuts were straight and last but not least there was no mess from the cutting operation,chips procuced had the consistancy of dry rice.

A very cost effective solution to a very old problem, the customer was able to maintain his normal feed rate and cutting times without compromise. Oil usage was aproximatly 20ml per hour.