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Vertical Carousel Storage - Hanel Rotomat

Supplier: Headland

The Hanel Rotomat system has revolutionised warehousing, materials handling and retrieval times.

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The Rotomat automatically brings the required item to the ergonomically designed retrieval point at the touch of a button.


  • Optimum utilisation of floor space.
  • The term upward mobility takes on a new meaning with the Rotomat.
  • The Rotomat is as flexible as you need it to be. Units can extent through several floors.
  • Items to user is the motto, not user to items.
  • Personnel costs and retrieval times can be dramatically reduced. High-performance controls and computer interfacing ensures that the Rotomat can be flexible and customised on an individual basis.
  • The required items are brought to the ergonomically positioned retrieval point at the touch of a button.
  • Safety is considered of paramount importance. No climbing of ladders, no stretching or bending.


Each Hanel Rotomat is a vertical carousel designed according to the tried-and-tested Ferris Wheel principle. The items are brought to the operator and not vice versa.


Due to its cutting-edge height-optimised storage concept and compact design, the Lean-Lift from Hanel creates considerably more storage capacity. The Hanel Lean-Lift system with vertical lift technology puts an end to high-cost storage areas.


With Hanel’s LeanLift system you can expand or modify your storage capacity at anytime without difficulty. Lean-Lifts can be situated side-by-side or over several floors – like a high-bay storage system. This creates maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint.

Retrieval points can be installed on more than one floor, depending on the height of the Hanel LeanLift. The LeanLifts from Hanel can be combined over several floors – like a high-bay storage system. Levels can be added by way of solid butt joints with plug welding. Several users can operate the LeanLift at the same time from different positions and levels.


  • Every cubic foot is optimally used
  • Problem-free adaptation to work requirements
  • More than one person can operate the lift and process goods at the same time
  • Improvement in storage management
  • More flexibility offered through step-by-step expansion
  • Visible investment returns

INTEGRATION Hanel’s Lean-Lift practice-orientated microprocessor control system can offer you a complete storage management system. The variable control keyboard is positioned at the side of the access opening for ergonomic convenience. No more strenuous overhead reaching.


  • Hardware and software are integrated in the Lean-Lift (no additional PC is required)
  • No complicated software installation
  • Direct hook-up to corporate network via Ethernet
  • Inventory data can be viewed by browser (ensuring constant transparency in the storeroom)
  • No additional communication software needed
  • Automatic processing of jobs according to priority
  • Security and authentication controls can be applied to all stock access