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Very heavy-duty castors

Supplier: Fallshaw Wheels & Castors By: LS
02 March, 2010

A huge Range of Kingpin & Kingpinless Castors is available. Customer Design solutions welcome.

The Fallshaw Albion relationship
In September 2007 Fallshaw, Australia's largest manufacturer of wheels and castors, reached a reciprocal agreement with Albion Industries, the premier castor company within Colson Associates Inc. (the largest castor company in the world) to distribute each other's products in our respective territories: Albion distributing Fallshaw products into the USA; and Fallshaw distributing Albion's products into Australasia.

About Albion
Since its founding in 1947, Albion has evolved into one of the most recognized names in the material handling industry. That's because they do more than just sell wheels and castors. They deliver custom-engineered, reliable solutions for the most challenging material handling problems. Albion specialises in high quality castors for heavy duty to super heavy duty applications - with capacities ranging from 40kg to 45 tonnes each. The Albion product range is huge - and they have the design & technical expertise, combined with the energy & willingness, to custom-make castors for specific applications