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Veterinary Products | Selectolyte

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Veterinary Products Selectolyte through the drinking water restores lost ions and helps to preserve electrolyte balance. While Selectolyte can be added to the feed, drinking water medication is preferred because animals will drink when they will not eat.

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Veterinary Products | Selectolyte

It is now accepted that Heat Stress is the major cause of lost production and lost profits in poultry, swine, beef cattle and dairy cattle in hostile "production-limiting" regions.

Development of new breeds with faster growth and conformation characteristics has led to virtually all production animals farmed in hot and humid countries being genetically derived from strains originally bred in the more temperate climates of Europe and North America.

However, most farmers in tropical and sub-tropical areas have not seen the production levels of animals in cool climates and have no concept of how much improvement in productivity is possible

The Thermal Comfort Zone for most animals is between 4° C and 25° C.

When temperature exceeds 25° C animals suffer heat stress. In severe cases of heat stress the deep body temperature rises, animal cells are affected and production performance is reduced. The effect is increased when the relative humidity is greater than 50%.

Animals typically react to Heat Stress conditions by eating less food, thus naturally controlling the rise in deep body temperature caused by digestion. Respiratory rate rises and there is a marked increase in insensible heat loss by evaporation of water from the lungs. They also drink at least 5 times the amount of water they would under temperate conditions, urine output increases and many mineral ions are lost.

Some responses to heat stress are:

  • reduced feed intake
  • reduced lactation or laying performance
  • reduced fertility levels
  • decreased activity
  • shade or wind seeking
  • increased respiratory rate
  • increased peripheral blood flow and sweating.
  • Increased mortality

Better producers are at greater risk from heat stress than lower yielding individuals.

Heat Stress & Electrolytes

The body needs a continuous supply of fluids and electrolytes, chemical ions which balance the body fluids in and around the cells. Without the key electrolytes Sodium Na+, Potassium K+ Chloride Cl- and Bicarbonate HCO3- it is impossible to balance the internal environment.

When an animal is under stress, particularly Heat Stress, acid concentration increases, the body's balance is upset and economic loss will follow.

Before that situation is reached, before animals start to be distressed a control and treatment strategy must be put in place.


  • Ensure plentiful supply of cool, clean drinking water.
  • Medicate water continuously with Selectolyte


  • Feed earlier in the morning and later in the evening.
  • Add metabolic stimulants to encourage consumption

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