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Vibration Monitors

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The international community has recently drawn considerable attention to occupational vibration and its detrimental effects on the human body

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Vibration Monitors

The international community has recently drawn considerable attention to occupational vibration and its detrimental effects on the human body.

Growing awareness of human vibration hazards in the workplace and the promulgation of new exposure standards like the EU Vibration Directive are driving a growing need to quantify and qualify hand-arm and whole-body vibration exposures from power hand tools, transportation and other equipment.

First priority is to screen for the presence and magnitude of vibration in as simplistic a way as possible. Once results are obtained, more detailed monitoring and analysis may be in order.

Many situations also exist where broadband measurements of hand-arm, whole-body or machine vibration levels do not provide adequate information to the user.

For instance, in some regions of the world human vibration exposures are required by law to be quantified by frequency in octave bands.

Elsewhere, while broadband measurements of vibration are a prudent first step, attempting to apply engineering controls to resolve excessive vibration levels requires an understanding of the frequency content of the vibration that is occurring.

The lack of a pre-engineered system of sensors, monitors and software for this full range of applications leaves employers and vibrating equipment manufacturers with the overwhelming task of selecting and integrating these components on their own.

Cost can run high, time required can be excessive and desired results may never be achieved.

In response to these new developments, Quest has released

  1. HAVPro personal human vibration monitor
  2. VI-400Pro Real Time Vibration Analyser.

Occupational vibration is divided into (2) areas,

  • HAV, Hand Arm Vibration,
  • WBV, Whole Body Vibration.

HAV is associated with hand held power tools where the vibration is transmitted from the work process into the workers hands and arms.

WBV is a form of mechanical vibration transmitted through a supporting surface to the operator’s body, such as through the seat of a vehicle or a vibrating floor surface.

Recent comprehensive studies have demonstrated that vibration is a physical hazard in the workplace and that exposure to hand-arm or whole-body vibration has the potential to inflict both short and long term physical damage.

In addition, compensation for vibration related injuries continue to escalate making it fiscally responsible for employers to take a proactive approach to monitoring and eliminating vibration hazards in the workplace.

The HAVPro is a compact, lightweight, fully integrated 3-channel instrument for obtaining tri-axial vibration measurements.

This basic monitor is the ideal screening tool for quickly and simply determining the presence and magnitude of hazardous hand-arm or whole-body vibration levels.

Time history data also allows insight into exposure variations over time.

The VI-400Pro is a rugged, powerful, lightweight, hand-held device ideal for field use even in the most challenging environments.

The VI-400Pro is an advanced analyser monitoring up to four input channels simultaneously, each including 1/1 or 1/3 real-time octave band data.

Three channels are typically used for tri-axial vibration measurements.

As a bonus, the fourth channel may be used to simultaneously analyse either sound or an additional singe axis of vibration by attaching additional optional transducers to the instrument.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Hand-Arm & Whole Body Vibration
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health Insurance
  • Product Liability
  • Engineering Controls Evaluation
  • Administrative Controls Evaluation
  • Exposure Profiling
  • Cause/Effect Analysis
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Machine Fault Detection

QuestSuite Professional II supports both the HavPro Basic Vibration Monitor and the VI-400Pro Advanced Real-Time Vibration Analyser.

Users configure the Havpro or VI-400Pro to their application quickly with pre-defined and user-defined setups contained in QuestSuite Professional II.

Collected data is recalled at the instrument or quickly and easily uploaded to QuestSuite Professional II for further analysis and viewing.

This powerful system makes it simple to chart, report, annotate, archive and electronically distribute exposure data.

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