[VIDEO] Ardex Unlocks their MS Dynamics CRM and SAP ERP Data

"Understanding customer needs is core to what we do. That's the essence of our existence. Unless we are satisfying the needs of the customers, unless we're listening to the customers and reacting, then we have no place to be in the market that we're in" - Fabian Morgan [Ardex Australia]

Ardex is a global chemical business that specializes in making chemicals for the construction industry. They operate in 50 countries and have manufacturing plants in over 40 countries. Their Australian operation has seven distribution centres and five manufacturing plants which serve over 1000 customers from diverse backgrounds. Ardex even helps waterproof the Sydney Opera House.

Ardex uses Microsoft Dynamics for their CRM system and SAP as their ERP.

We spoke to Fabian to see how Phocas allows his team to better serve its customers and get more out of their business data.