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Video Conferencing Services - Desktop Video Conferencing

Supplier: Avalias

Video Conferencing Services - Desktop Video Conferencing, Avalanche TTX is the ultimate tool for running tabletop discussion exercises.

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Video Conferencing Services - Desktop Video Conferencing

It combines a powerful scenario design environment with an immersive scenario presentation engine and sophisticated after-action review capability. And best of all, it’s extremely easy to use, making the design, delivery and review of your tabletop discussion exercises an engaging experience, both for you and your teams.

"This is a great, budget-friendly technology, which is so important at a time where everyone is required to achieve more with less resources."
Tom Ferrentino, Emergency Management Consultant for Federal Agencies and Markets

Unprecedented realism, effectiveness, economy and easeWith features that allow participants to focus on improving processes and decision-making, Avalanche TTX? software makes your preparedness exercises more engaging, more inclusive and far less expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming.

  • How Avalanche TTX works
    Create an exercise using the scenario designer.
    Rapidly design your scenarios by placing events on a timeline using the easy drag-and-drop interface. Add various audio and visual injects or create new media using the user-friendly Avalanche TTX? design features.
  • Run your discussion exercise and get people talking.
    Run your discussion exercise by choosing a scenario and pressing start. Control the scenario from the facilitator control panel, or use the optional Remote Control.

    Add an Avalanche TTX Server to access advanced features, including multi-site scenarios with integrated audio and video conferencing, and a centralized media and scenario library.
  • Review the results, listen to what happened and provide feedback.
    After the exercise, you can listen to the discussions and view observation notes, whiteboards and various other details. Avalanche TTX? makes it simple to revisit and annotate your exercises, making after-action review quick and easy.
  • Print out or email an after-action debrief report for distribution.
    In a few clicks you can have a debrief report ready for distribution to stakeholders. It's quick and easy, and helps your organization spend less time on administration and more time on being better prepared.


Bring your exercises to life

  • Compelling Injects
    Liven up your scenarios with immersive phone calls, radio broadcasts, explosions, briefing videos, emails, text messages and more.
  • It Just Works
    No more messing about with projectors not working and videos not playing back in your presentations. Avalanche TTX? is exceptionally easy to use.
  • Rapid Scenario Creation
    Build your own scenario library in minutes. Drag and drop injects to recreate the stimuli your people would experience in real operational situations, bringing a compelling sense of reality to your discussion exercises.
  • Incredibly User-Friendly
    Despite being very powerful and flexible, you won’t need a degree in computer science and a film crew to create great scenarios in Avalanche TTX.

Powerful management tools

  • Build Your Own Scenario Library
    Powerful scenario building capabilities let you create a library of the types of situations your organization faces, so your people can be better prepared for whatever the world throws at them.
  • Rapid Scenario Creation
    The scenario design tools in Avalanche TTX? help you with every stage of the design process. Create effective and compelling scenarios in minutes.
  • Focused After-Action Review
    Review recordings of group discussions, whiteboards, and other observations. Jump directly to a discussion on a particular topic and play back what was said. Provide feedback in the form of comments, annotations, ideas and lessons learned.
  • Automatic Debrief Reports
    Following an after-action review, print out an automatically generated report containing a summary of the discussion topics, along with any feedback, observations and other commentary provided by reviewers. Distribute these reports to stakeholders as a permanent record of the exercise.
  • Keep It Simple
    Keep your scenario presentations in one place. Share scenarios with your colleagues. Or with Avalanche TTX? Server, keep all your exercise media in one place for your entire organization.