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Visitor access control

Supplier: Compact Business Systems
29 September, 2011

4 issues you MUST consider when planning visitor security.

Whether you’re a …

  • School Principal
  • Business Leader
  • Club Manager
  • Head of a Government Department

There are 4 reasons why you need a rigorous yet easy-to-use system of monitoring visitors to your premises

  1. Keeping visitors safe on your premises
    You may already have a visitor-pass system in place, but perhaps it’s a very informal one, or isn’t always observed rigorously. As a result, visitors to your school, office, club or business may be in danger of accidents, which may be largely avoidable.
  2. Keeping your staff, students and members safe
    Once it grows, it can become impossible to know the name of every person legitimately involved with your organisation. This is when it becomes easy for people who have no right to be on your premises to enter, then go where and do what they will. This leaves the people you’re responsible for in a very vulnerable position, and can compromise the security of your buildings, plant and equipment.
  3. Avoiding costly damages and litigation
    The wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong place can lead to accidents … even, in some businesses, there may be issues with espionage and sabotage!

    That’s when it can start costing your organisation millions of dollars in damages and litigation.
  4. Maintaining everyone’s privacy
    Privacy has become an essential consideration in modern life. In a commercial situation it’s crucial where there may be..
    1. Competing companies tendering for work
    2. Sensitive supplier issues
    3. Inquisitive employees checking who visits management