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Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin Analysis | VitaFast® Test Kits

Supplier: Arrow Scientific

VitaFast® test kits provide a fast and easy method of determining the content of vitamins in food products, animal feed and pharmaceutical products.

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Vitamin B12 is one of the essential coenzymes in the vertebrate metabolism. The most important functions of vitamin B12 are blood cell synthesis, fatty acid metabolism and supply of folic acid. Folic acid itself plays a considerable role in the biosynthesis of nucleotides as well as in the turnover of amino acids.  A deficiency of vitamin B12 may cause serious disorders such as pernicious anaemia or neurological symptoms.

Vitamin B12 can be quantified rapidly in enriched food, feed and vitamin products by using the RIDASCREEN®FAST Vitamin B12 test.    

Specifications for VitaFast® Test Kits Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin:

  • Microtiterplate format: 48 well  
  • Detection limit: raw milk: approx. 0.5 ppb pasteurized milk: approx. 2.5 ppb milk mix drinks: approx. 2.5 ppb milk powder: approx. 10.0 ppb grain, flour, cereals: approx. 25.0 ppb vitamin powder, -premixes, -tablets, -capsules and -candies: approx. 25.0 ppb vitamin juice: approx. 2.5 ppb  
  • Incubation time: 25 min  
  • Sample preparation: centrifugation and dilution (milk)dilution, filtration or centrifugation (juices)homogenization, extraction, filtration or centrifugation(other matrices)
  • Cross reaction: Vitamin B12 100 % Vitamin B12a (Hydroxocobalamin) 80%
  • Samples per kit: up to 42  Standards:  0 / 5 / 10 / 30 / 100 / 300 ppb  
  • Measurement: microtiter plate reader (450 nm)