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Voice Recording Software | Assurance

Supplier: Electrodata Pty Ltd

Assurance can record directly from any digital telephone system, without the need for clumsy and problematical curly cord adaptors.

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Call starting and stopping is by way of digital control thus avoiding call merging and excessive call run-on.

For the smaller call centre, Assurance can record directly from any analogue or digital telephone system. Recording can start within minutes of making the appropriate connections.
Assurance can record analogue inputs from either standard telephone lines or two-way radio channels. Digital telephones and VoIP are also readily covered.

  • User friendly: An easy to read screen display shows the status of all incoming calls and any active call can be monitored live, while it is recording to the disk buffer, with a just a simple mouse click.
  • Ease of searching: Hundreds of thousands of calls may be tracked using the recorder’s sophisticated database and search tools. Calls are quickly located and displayed either in a short list, or as a graphical time-line showing the relevant position of each call in time. Replay of simultaneous calls from the time-line display is in surround sound stereo for perfect clarity.
  • Replay options: Calls can be replayed at the recorder using either headphones or external speakers (state preference at time of ordering). Saving calls is easy via the recorder's front-accessible USB port. Once saved, calls may be replayed on any computer, attached to emails or kept for posterity. Calls are readily replayed at your desk using any of the Electrodata's productivity tools.
  • Archive options: Calls are automatically archived to DVD.  Once the verification process is complete, the disc can be replayed with full security in any computer, with ot without a network connection.  No special replay software or hadware is required.
  • Ease of installation: Assurance has been designed to allow fast and simple installation and will be up and recording in minutes once the telephone or radio connections are made.
  • On-line training: Once your recorder is installed, an Electrodata trainer will provide on-line coaching via the telephone and Internet so that you and your staff will feel totally confident with your new purchase by the close of day one.

Forward and backward product compatibility is another bonus with Assurance. Calls made as early as 1992 on Electrodata digital recorders can be readily replayed. In addition Assurance can be re-licensed at any time to increase its channel capacity and/or its features.

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