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Wall Mounted Cartridge Filter | Kemper

Supplier: SMENCO

The Kemper Wall Mounted Cartridge Filter is especially designed for use at fixed welding workstations, training workshops, welding cabins, or everywhere else where floor space is tight.

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Features of the Kemper Wall Mounted Cartridge Filter:

  • The unit can be mounted to the wall, a column, or even to a freestanding pillar.
  • For convenient operation a separate control box is included. The control box offers connections for an automatic start-stop and a light kit (both optional).
  • Equipped with an ultra-modern and highly efficient KemTex ePTFE membrane filter cartridge, this unit provides superior protection against harmful high-alloyed metals and alveolen damaging dust.

The cartridge filter unit works on the principle of surface filtration:

  • Captured dust-particles can not penetrate the filter media due to the KemTex ePTFA membrane, which is laminated directly on the filter surface. The unique micro structure separates even the smallest particles like powdered dust (particle sizes between 1.0 and 0.1 µm) with remarkable results.
  • The unit is therefore especially suited for the extraction of welding smoke containing Hexavalent Chromium (CrIV).
  • The cartridge filter unit also features an automatic cleaning cycle. An integrated control monitors the surface of the filter media and activates a necessary cleaning. The harmful substances are collected in a dust collecting bin an can easily be disposed.
  • The unit can be equipped with exhaust arms 7 ft, 10 ft, 14 ft, 17 ft, 20 ft or 24 ft in lenght for both - single and dual-arm - versions.


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