Wall mounted ventilation solution

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Fanquip's wall plate exhaust fans are an economical and efficient means of extracting heat, fumes, smoke and stale air from a factory, workshop or processing plant.

As its options for retrofits are almost limitless, this high flow rate wall-mounted unit can be positioned in the deepest areas of premises, if necessary, to create a purging draught.

Electrically powered, it runs cleanly and the system can be installed without danger of contaminating sensitive stock or food items.

With the installation point limited only by available wall space, companies setting up wall plate exhaust fans have a greater degree of control in the positioning of the units and can therefore dictate the line of draught they create and the direction in which it travels.

Outlet diameters are manufactured in a variety of sizes ranging from as small as 310mm right through to a large 1830mm.

Five motor speeds - 480rpm, 570rpm, 720rpm, 960rpm, and 1440 rpm - are in selected combinations with motor powers of 0.15kW, 1.8kW, 0.25kW, 0.37kW, 0.55kW, 0.55kW, 1.1kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 2.7kW, 3kW, and 4.5kW.

Free air volume ranges from as compact as 600L/s for smaller premises through to a huge 30,000L/s for factories and energy installations, food processing locations and workshops.

Voltage available is either single phase 240V or three phase 415V.

Various accessories add to the versatility of use with these units.

Safety guards manufactured to applicable Australian Standards are strong and detailed enough to halt any potential of an employee inadvertently touching or bumping a rotating blade if the exhaust fan is installed in an area within reach.

For the external side of the fans, rollover cowls for a hood to protect the unit in all sorts of conditions including hard rain, frost and hail, as well as in areas likely to be subjected to high levels of ultra violet radiation. These rollover cowls have bird wire protection.

Galvanised gravity-closing louvres are installed to prevent back draught when the unit is not in operation. Counterweights reduce drag on the fan.

Especially in larger premises, Fanquip wall plate exhaust fans work very well in conjunction with Fanquip roof fans to give total control of draughts.