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Wall Wrap | Tyvek Enercor

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Wall Wrap Tyvek Enercor, the real breathable radiant barrier from DuPont

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Wall Wrap | Tyvek Enercor

In the evolution of wall wrapping material, Tyvek Enercor Wall breathable radiant barrier is by far the most advanced. Its inbuilt breathability, water and wind resistance, strength and lightness are features that put Tyvek Enercor Wall in a class of its own

Unique structure

Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier is made up of high density polyethylene fibres. They are bonded together by a process of heat and pressure to form an extremely fine mesh that can withstand stress in any direction.

Guaranteed not to tear apart

The high-density polyethylene in Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier provides it with extremely high tensile strength and results in superior tear and puncture resistance) though it can easily be cut with a knife).

That’s why Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier is guaranteed against damage from winds up to 120 kph, which makes it the ideal building membrane for walls that can be left standing in all weathers.

Advanced breathing technique

Unlike some other building membranes, no holes are punched through Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier to provide it with moisture vapour breathability. Its fibrous structure contains extremely small pores which are so fine that only vapour can pass through easily. Tyvek Enercor

Wall radiant barrier is up to 5 times more breathable than perforated foil products.

The proposition holds water

Water and air find it much more difficult to penetrate Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier. It acts as an efficient barrier to wind-driven rain and minimises draughts of air from passing through building structures and getting into building cavities.

As light as

Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier weighs around one third of conventional foil products and is almost half the weight of other claimed lightweight products.

The lighter a wall membrane is to use, the faster it is to install. This means the more time – and money – that can be saved when you use Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier.

Reflects radiant heat

Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier is a metalized membrane with a layer of aluminium providing a low remittance surface and a white backing on the non metalized side.

Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier reflects more than 80% of radiant heat. This means Tyvek Enercor Wall radiant barrier can provide year round comfort to homes, with a protective envelope that keeps them warm in winter, cool in summer.

The competition’s case is full of holes

In order to achieve moisture breathability, some building membranes use a very crude method: they have holes punched through them.

While this allows some breathability, the large size of the holes can allow water to penetrate as well. If water gets into wall cavities, this can lead to damaged insulation and interior walls.

Australian standards

Tyvek Enercor. Wall radiant barrier meets all the necessary BCA and Australian Standards for Flammability (AS1530.2 <5).

Thermal performance

Tyvek Enercor. Wall radiant barrier complies with the requirements of AS/NZS4859.1. The declared Total R-values have been calculated at mean temperatures of 240C for Summer and 180C for Winter with a temperature difference of 6± 0.5Khe contribution ofthis product to Total R-value depends on installation and environmental conditions. Emittance of metalized surface ≤ 0.19.